As of January, 31, 2019 Tardis Medical is no longer a Publicis Health/Publicis Groupe company. Look for all our new branding soon!

What our Employees Say

93% employee satisfaction score following the most recent Employee Engagement Survey

Here is what our employees have to say about working for Tardis Medical…

Danielle Lowe, WIP Controller at Tardis Medical

Danielle Low

WIP Controller

“Although I have only recently joined Tardis Medical, I have never felt so welcomed in to a company. The amount of support from every colleague is amazing, no matter how trivial the issue is, every colleague and Manager is committed to resolving it. Tardis Medical does not believe in boundaries, there is always encouragement to progress, to learn and to evolve. We are supported in diversifying our roles, enhancing our skills and work as a team through the exchange of responsibilities. There are no limits to what we can learn. Tardis Medical also integrates management within the office space, which reinforces the relaxed atmosphere and creates a sociable environment where you can build a personal relationship with everyone in the company. I am proud to say that I work for Tardis Medical, I am honored that I have been selected to join the company based on having the same Values, which are reinforced on a daily basis. It is incredible waking up in the morning and being excited about going to work and seeing colleagues. It is a pleasure to work here.”

Laura Batty, Senior Project Manager at Tardis Medical

Laura Bennett

Senior Project Manager

“What we do at Tardis Medical is awesome. How we do it is even more awesome!! Every day I feel inspired to be part of a business that is successful, exciting and is doing such important work. I see this reflected in our team – each person at Tardis Medical is passionate about what we do and is seeking to achieve excellence in the way we serve our clients. It is a true joy to work with a team that has such a great sense of fun and who greet each day, and any challenge, with a big smile and, if needed, a chocolate covered biscuit! Our Leadership team comprises of a group of industry experts who have founded our business based on strong Values and business integrity. It is motivational to be led by such a practical and personal Vision and strategy. We witness daily how they are personally invested in each individual’s goals and career journey and encourage us to have big, innovative ideas and take ownership in making them happen. This means that the opportunities for development at Tardis Medical are endless and that I feel a real sense of my own personal value and recognition for my contribution to our success.”

Tim de Vletter, Contract Manager at Tardis Medical

Tim de Vletter

Contract Manager

“Ever since joining Tardis Medical in the summer of 2010, I have enjoyed coming to work each day and have been very fortunate in the opportunities extended by Andrew, Ian and Suzanna. The chance to develop oneself personally and professionally has always been on offer to all staff, which I recognise in my own journey with the company over the past 7 years, and helps drive the quality of work from each person whatever role they are in. Couple this with the unwavering support and consideration given for personal circumstances, it highlights why Tardis Medical is a special company that attracts and retains highly motivated and energised individuals and has been so successful in achieving so much already. Every person who works for any length of period is immersed in the mentality of the company and becomes a better person for it – wherever you may end up…

I could not have imagined it possible to move to the opposite side of the world and continue on my journey with Tardis Medical, to play a part in ensuring that patients gain access to and benefit from the best medicine for the right reasons, and to remain supported and challenged to develop from afar. It reminds me on a daily basis of the out-of-the-box thinking, flexibility and loyalty that Tardis Medical displays and makes it easy to give that attitude back!”

Rianna Hanif, Brand Manager at Tardis Medical

Rianna Hanif

Account Manager

“I have never felt so valued in a place of work as I have done since joining Tardis Medical in 2013. There are a number of ways in which Tardis Medical successfully inspire, develop, reward and recognise employees for their hard work, loyalty and excellence. One thing which has been a driving factor for my development is the implicit trust that the Management Team, Leadership Team and General Managers reinforce with each and every employee. We are all encouraged to think big and then think bigger! More than that, we are given the freedom to explore innovative new ideas and reminded that every role is vital in driving the success of the business and positively impacting on whether our Vision for patients to get access to and benefit from the best medicines for the right reasons becomes a reality. I feel extremely lucky to work for a company that cares enough to understand the strengths and development areas of each individual and with this knowledge, ensures that every employee is in the right role where they can flourish and demonstrate their full potential. There hasn’t been one day since I started when I haven’t been excited to drive in to work and start a new day. It’s a wonderful feeling to be a part of such a groundbreaking organisation!”

Ella Beirne, Capability Project Executive at Tardis Medical

Ella Beirne

Talent Coordinator

“I feel extremely fortunate to be a member of the Tardis Medical family. Since starting in October 2016, I have enjoyed every day and l look forward to Monday! The support I receive is exceptional – I am always encouraged to get outside of my comfort zone to develop both personally and professionally, I feel truly invested in as an individual. I have never worked in an organisation where everyone is so motivated, dedicated and committed to make our Vision a reality; I think that makes Tardis Medical a truly unique place to work. Aside from this, the faith that the Management Team have in all staff is extremely motivating. We all know that the opportunity to innovate, no matter how big or small, is present at all times and our ideas are always listened to. The future is looking extremely bright for Tardis Medical and I am very excited to be a part of it.”

Devon Miniscalco, Project Manager at Tardis Medical

Devon Miniscalco

Project Manager

“Working for Tardis Medical has not only afforded me the opportunity to work alongside some very talented and passionate people, but it has also allowed me to be a part of something BIG, especially as they continue to grow and expand globally into the US. The culture at Tardis Medical is infectious—the positivity and the team’s willingness to help each other no matter how difficult the task may be, or how busy they are with their own individual work, is not something you see every day. Being one of the first Project Managers in the US, there has yet to be a day where I feel disconnected from the Tardis Medical UK team even though I am miles away and 5 hours behind! From the leadership level down to the individuals in various departments, each person in this organisation truly cares about the success of their peers and Tardis Medical as a whole, because at the end of the day each of us have one common goal in mind – for patients to gain access to and benefit from the best medicines for the right reasons.”

Paul Wilson, Senior Project Manager at Tardis Medical

Paul Wilson

Senior Project Manager

“It’s important to me that there is real meaning and purpose in the work that I do every day, and that’s certainly the case at Tardis Medical. As a Project Manager, it’s great to know that by helping to deliver excellent Capability Development programmes, I am enabling Medical Affairs teams to better impact the outcomes of patients suffering from all manner of disease. Given the diversity of our client needs and the huge variety of programmes run in countries across the globe, the work is very varied with plenty of scope for ingenuity as we face many new challenges. It’s great to work as part of a strong and dynamic team – where collaboration is key, and everyone mucks in to help ensure we deliver the very best for our clients and for each other. If you are a ‘people’ person you will love the work dynamic here; everyone is friendly and eager to help and as a Project Manager you pretty much get to work with them all. And if you have a passion or interest in a particular area, the Managers are very quick to encourage you and release you to develop further; for me that’s involved research into Virtual Learning and an interest in our growing business in Japan. This encouragement is backed up by a great reward and recognition scheme, with a genuine interest in what you are doing and a commitment to make sure you enjoy the successes you are helping to bring about.”

Zoe Huber, Client Services Manager at Tardis Medical

Zoe Huber

Client Services Manager

“Tardis Medical is unlike any other organisation I have worked for previously. When I think about what makes Tardis Medical different, for me it is the strong sense of personal contribution I get from the work that we do, in service of our company vision that ‘more patients gain access to and benefit from the best medicine for the right reasons’. No matter what your role is, everyone is equally engaged in this vision and it is incredibly motivational. We have a fantastic culture built on strong Values which are reinforced by everyone on a daily basis. For me, this makes Tardis Medical a great place to work and I really enjoy spending time with my colleagues! In addition, the scope for personal development is huge, individuals are encouraged to review their areas of strength and development and to be accountable for their own personal growth and success. The support received from the Leaders and Managers is incredible, I have learned so much about myself and how I want to develop as a Manager during my time at Tardis Medical and I feel very fortunate for the opportunities and experiences I’ve had and will have here in the future.”