As of January, 31, 2019 Tardis Medical is no longer a Publicis Health/Publicis Groupe company. Look for all our new branding soon!

Why Tardis Medical?

Tardis Medical are the leading global authority in external engagement for Clinical and Medical Affairs, having facilitated bespoke Capability Development workshops, along with providing exceptional contracted resource, all over the world. Our global insight, extensive experience of working in the pharmaceutical industry and deep understanding of how the environment is changing allows us to respond appropriately to changes in healthcare and provide relevant solutions which fully support multiple stages of the drug development journey. This, in turn, helps our clients to make the best use of their Clinical and Medical Affairs functions.

Please view the video on this page to find out how our team’s experience of the pharmaceutical industry and understanding of how healthcare is rapidly evolving can support your organisational needs.

Tardis has global experience and insight in clinical and medical affairs.